Our Mission

Our Veterinary Centre was founded in 2010 out of a combination of love for the animals and a passion for all-round veterinary medicine. We care for all pets and firmly believe in Integrative Medicine.

You may be wondering, what does Integrative Medicine mean?
It is the treatment of the patient as a whole, through the use of classical Western medicine combined with other disciplines. In our facility, the animal and its owner, each with their peculiarities and needs, are placed at the centre. Through the use of natural medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, preventive care, customised nutritional plans and behavioural counselling we improve the quality of life of your pet.

Comprehensive care

Animal welfare is close to our hearts, which is why we offer comprehensive medical and therapeutic care for all types of pets.


Natural medicine

The basis of our Natural Medicine is Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this discipline the animal is examined even when it is healthy, the doctor identifies the critical points of its health and intervenes non-invasively and preventively to improve these points. The aim is to keep your four-legged friend in an optimal state of health for as long as possible.



The basis of every individual's health is good nutrition. This is why a pet's diet should always be chosen with the help of a veterinary nutritionist. Through our counselling we enable you to find out which diet is best suited for your pet, whether it is a homemade diet or an industrial diet.



The relationship with our animals should be serene and harmonious, with a good dose of complicity. That is why it is necessary to treat it with care and, when necessary, to turn to a specialist to change and improve it instead of adapting to an uncomfortable situation. This applies not only to dogs, but also to cats, rabbits and ferrets.

Professional care for your 4-legged friends

Pet owners rely on us to take care of the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to providing the utmost in veterinary care and affection.