Animal vaccinations help to limit contagion with dangerous and potentially fatal diseases for our beloved animals, and are only fully effective if they are carried out on time.


Internal medicine

The clinical examination is conducted with respect for the animal's ethological characteristics, through small strategies your four-legged friend is put at ease, to create a positive and stress-free experience.



Dermatological diseases in animals are numerous and many of them present themselves with similar clinical signs. Only a thorough examination and relevant tests allow a correct diagnosis.


Inpatient and intensive care

If necessary, the animal can be hospitalised in order to constantly monitor it and provide it with the necessary care. Sometimes hospitalisation is the only chance to recover a good state of health, in particular through constant fluid therapy and assisted nutrition.



At our veterinary centre we perform surgery of all soft tissues, and we refer to an external collaborator for orthopaedic cases.

Professional care for your 4-legged friends

Pet owners rely on us to take care of the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to providing the utmost in veterinary care and affection.