Nutritional advice

As the philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach said, ‘We are what we eat’, i.e. a people can improve by improving their nutrition.

Many people know that this concept is also true for our animal friends. It is indeed essential to provide the right nourishment every day to promote a healthy lifestyle that leads to good health.

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An optimal diet should be:

  • COMPLETE, i.e., it must provide the right amount of nutrients in order to avoid deficiencies
  • BALANCED, i.e., containing the right macro- and micronutrients in the correct amounts
  • DIGERIBLE, i.e., the food must be digestible and absorbed by the intestine
  • APPETIBLE, i.e., pleasant for the animal to eat

To comply with these characteristics, the diet should always be chosen with the help of a veterinary nutritionist. Through our advice, we enable you to find out which diet is best suited to your pet.
Whether you choose an industrial diet or a homemade diet, you will be guided step by step so that you can provide your pet with a diet that allows him or her to have a good quality of life for as long as possible.