The relationship with our animal can often be a problem. The problems that can be encountered are of various types and have different origins, from the animal’s experience to communication problems. In many cases people and their pets adapt to the situation, without knowing that there is always the possibility of a change that allows a peaceful and happy relationship to be built for both. This applies not only to dogs, but also to cats, rabbits and ferrets.

Through coaching sessions aimed at the person-pet couple, a significant improvement in the relationship and greater complicity and synchrony between them and in the family can be achieved. It is not necessary to experience stressful situations on a daily basis because of your pet’s unwanted behaviour. Today we have the tools to get our four-legged friend to cooperate and behave as we wish; all we need is commitment, perseverance, and a competent and passionate coach to rely on.

My Vision is that everyone can live in harmony with their animal and enjoy all the benefits that these special beings bring to our existence, through a relationship based on mutual respect, trust and love.
My mission, as your coach, is to guide you in managing your animal step by step, with both elements of the couple at the centre. That is why I call myself a relationship coach for pets.


The education of the dog

The arrival of a puppy in the family: 4 small rules for a happy cohabitation

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The education of the cat

To make the cat’s arrival in the family a success